Role: Design Strategy, UX & UI Design, Illustration
Date: 2019

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FINBOURNE is a technology company that builds advanced tools for the asset management industry. Through these tools, the company aims to enhance the availability and utility of investment data and information, simplify user access to this information and reduce operating and capital costs for asset managers.

We worked closely with FINBOURNE’s in-house product and development teams to rethink the UX and visual design of LUSID, their cloud-based investment management platform.

The Problem

The team at FINBOURNE are highly specialised and very tech-focused. Because of this, they were encountering difficulties presenting their powerful backend technology in a way that was accessible to non-technical users.

Much of the core functionality of asset management services is dictated by industry standard (and often regulated) procedures and tasks. This results in necessary, but non-differentiating features that can be found across competing software.

Because of this Design was crucial for creating competitive advantage.

“We believe the investment management industry has not benefited from the innovations seen in other sectors… consider what Spotify did for music, or Netflix for online television”

Discover LUSID – Our open, cloud-based investment management platform…”


We conducted a series of workshops and interviews with the FINBOURNE team in order to determine project objectives, and to highlight any recognised problems within the existing product design. In order to gather as much qualitative data as possible, we made sure to include team members from various departments across FINBOURNE. This proved to be invaluable in gathering insights and opinions, and helped unify the FINBOURNE team around the product design from the start.

From these interviews, it become clear that despite existing design-focused initiatives, the company had slipped into a ‘features-first’ approach, rather than a ‘user-first’ mentality. This feature-first approach had the side-result of fragmenting FINBOURNE’s brand identity, as there was no central resource or style guide that could be implemented across the company’s various assets (website, LUSID, sales presentations, etc.) to ensure consistency in message and style.

“A multitude of antiquated systems, data models, and technologies mean the investment management and asset servicing industries are paying enormous costs for functions we believe should be commodities.”

The Result

We took the complex technical functionality of LUSID and re-packaged it in a way that reduced the barrier-to-entry for non-technical users to engage with the platform’s powerful asset management capabilities.

Consistent visual design and a new clarity of message unified the company’s digital output across the board, from the platform to marketing collateral to investor and sales presentations.

LUSID’s modular component-based dashboard
Financial dashboard date picker design
The event-based date picker
Financial dashboard design for Finbourne
Users create ‘recipes’ that define the behaviour of components across the platform

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