Chris Lefteri

Client: Chris Lefteri
Role: UI Design, Website Development
Date: 2017

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Chris Lefteri Design (CLD) is a multinational material-led design studio that bridges the gap between the material industries and the design community. I collaborated with the CLD team to design and develop an updated fully-responsive website.

The Problem

With clients ranging from Nike to Google, CLD’s single page, unresponsive, three-paragraph website just wasn’t cutting it. Without an update the company ran the risk of losing business to their more web-savvy competitors.

“At the heart of everything we do lies a desire to motivate designers to use materials creatively and to place materials at the heart of the design process”

The old single-page website


The design process began by talking to key stakeholders throughout the agency in order to get a thorough understanding of the company’s culture and values, how they approach projects, and how they bring in new clients.

It became clear that Chris Lefteri’s unique outlook on how materials can be integrated into the design process formed the cornerstone of what the agency stood for – whether it’s through their unique methodology, or the talks, exhibitions, and workshops they run in order to educate people about material-oriented design. The website design needed to reflect this material focus.

Due to the nature of CLD’s clients (often large, multinational brands), the company tended to bring in new business through direct calls and face-to-face meetings. The new website had to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with one of the agency’s three studios. CLD’s clients are often split between product designers and material suppliers. One of the key challenges that had to be overcome was how to cater for the differing needs and expectations of CLD’s dual markets, while still creating a unified site and digital presence.

The designers working in the agency are true experts in their field. Chris Lefteri has over a decade of studio-work, and is seen as a leading authority in materials and their application in design. I wanted the new website to showcase this expertise through the use of beautiful product photography, studio-focused shots and team spotlights.

“We firmly believe that in order to come up with innovative solutions it’s essential for designers to think about materials right from the beginning of projects”

The Result

A fully responsive site was designed and developed. Shadow and depth were experimented with to create a ‘tactile’ material feel, while the use of clean colours and beautiful photography kept the site looking modern and fresh.

The design began with basic wireframes that focused on layout and site structure, before an interactive prototype was created in InVision for the CLD team to interact with. This showed how people would move through the site, and helped the team visualise the final outcome before a single line of code was written.

The improved homepage
The team were put front-and center
Services were clearly split to accommodate CLD’s dual markets
The content was made ‘tactile’ through the use of cards and shadow. Each service card was linked to a relevant case study that showcased the studio’s work

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