Designing LUSID®, an all-in-one digital platform for a forward-thinking finance startup

Finbourne is a London-based technology startup that builds advanced data-driven software for the asset management industry.

Working closely with Finbourne’s product and development teams, our goal was ambitious: to re-think LUSID®, the company’s cloud-based asset management software, with the aim of dramatically simplifying the complex and data-heavy web application in order to drive growth by reducing the barrier-to-entry for less tech-literate users.

"We believe the investment management industry has not benefited from the innovations seen in other sectors… consider what Spotify did for music, or Netflix for online television"

Thomas McHugh - CEO, Finbourne

The result was a modular-inspired interface and streamlined user experience that has helped Finbourne in securing major partnerships with five leading financial institutions with over $2 trillion assets under management, as well as being named ‘one of the 20 most influential FinTech companies of 2019’.

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