Aniefiok ‘Neef’ Ekpoudom

Documenting the voice and sounds of contemporary Britain

Aniefiok ‘Neef’ Ekpoudom
Aniefiok ‘Neef’ Ekpoudo is a writer and brand strategist from South London. Specialised in researching and documenting the urban and youth culture of contemporary Britain, his work spans everything from features in The Guardian, to award-winning campaigns with adidas, to ethnographic studies with Nike, and billboards for YouTube Music.

"My current website feels like more of a blog and really only covers my writing work. My idea is to have a website that showcases both the writing along with my brand work, to position me as more of an overall storyteller, via the mediums of writing, researching and strategy."

Aniefiok Ekpoudom

We collaborated with Neef to elevate his personal brand through a new portfolio site. Take a look here.
Source: VICE