iOS app design

The Client

AfterCross is a London-based startup looking to improve professional-to-professional networking with their digital business card app. AfterCross' founders had developed a rough minimum viable product (MVP), and were looking to update both the visual design of the app, and the overall user experience.

The Problem

The MVP presented by the AfterCross team was sufficient to express the basic concept behind the app, but was far from a finished consumer-ready product. The MVP app (as shown below) lacked a clear structure, had an inconsistent visual design, and was creating confusion for users. AfterCross needed to update their app in order to compete with the growing number of companies operating in the digital business card space.

67% of professionals and 78% of SMEs say that they use business cards, however 88% of cards are thrown out in less that a week.

The old 'cards' screen

The old contact list screen

The old 'contact' popup

Design Iterations

Using an iterative approach to update the AfterCross designs allowed us to test ideas with users at networking events and conferences across London. We began by testing the MVP design assumptions, and gradually iterated towards a simpler user experience and cleaner visual design. By testing and subsequently removing or altering unimportant features we were able to find what mattered most to AfterCross' users and redesign the apps UX and UI to focus on these.

First iteration 'cards' screen

Second iteration 'cards' screen

Final iteration 'cards' screen

First iteration contact popup

Second iteration contact screen

Final iteration contact screen

The Result

Significant updates to the visual design and user experience resulted in a cohesive and simplified iOS app being developed. Alongside the app a new iOS icon, fully responsive website, and various marketing materials were designed and delivered, helping the company communicate a clearer and more consistent brand identity.

The old 'cards' screen

The old 'contact' popup

The old contact list screen

The updated card screen

The updated contact slideout

The updated contact list